Data Center: Elemental
Home World: Carbuncle
Foundation Date: 09/24/2021
Primary Language: English
Other Language: Filipino
– Beginner/Novice Friendly
– Student Friendly
– Work-life Balance
– Casual/Laid-back


The Black Sun is a Free Company (FC) based in the Philippines.

It is a newly formed FC founded on the 24th of September 2021 and not much to offer to those willing to join, but we’re doing our best.

The only thing worth noting is that we are focused on having a friendly and non-pressure environment, especially to new players.

This game can be intimidating, yes, and there are many elitists that will just eat you whole and spit you out, but there is still some good in this game, and we will focus on the good.

This is primarily an all-English speaking FC, but Japanese bros are also welcome!


Join the discord channel, so we can coordinate the invite:


Respect is of utmost importance. While we strive to be open-minded, we want to make sure that the experience while playing and the time you spend and invest in the guild will be as enjoyable as possible. Any behavior that is deemed disrespectful will not be tolerated.

  1. Don’t use any type of offensive, discriminating, or childish behavior anywhere. While good-natured teasing or joking around from time to time is alright, it is not alright to harass anyone for any reason. This includes racism, sexism, name-calling, badmouthing, and any other discriminatory language to others. If you think you have crossed the line or may have offended someone, apologize right away.
  2. Don’t be an elitist, and do not shame anyone in public. Do not call out others in FC chat or voice chat for low performance or missed mechanics. Instead, advise them with helpful information properly.
  3. If you have been offended by someone, or you have an issue with someone’s behavior, please bring it up privately with an officer. Never be afraid to raise an issue if you feel the need for it.
  4. You represent this guild, whatever you do and wherever you go reflects this FC. Follow the rules mentioned at all times.

If anyone is caught breaching these rules…
If an officer is not around to witness firsthand, take screenshots of the event if possible, contact an officer either in game or offline via Discord. Parties involved will get a warning if verified to have violated the rules. By the 3rd warning, the violator will be removed from the guild.

Rules are subject to change.

Message from the Grand Master

This FC is formed with the purpose of creating a friendly and non-pressure environment. We know that the majority of players is either students or working adults with a family of their own. With this in mind, you can either be active in contributing to the FC or just login in to do your dailies. It’s all fine. This FC values volunteerism as one of its Core Values, and just play as you see fit as long as it’s not offending anybody. Keep this in mind as you travel to all corners of Eorzea.

– Grand Master Ibarra